Values-based Education

VbE Int Logo and grey straplineI am a Values-based Education (VbE) Specialist Consultant in Philosophy for Children. Values-based Education is at the heart of how I think and teach and the work that I do.

I have a strong personal commitment to supporting children and young people as they grow and learn in a challenging world and I believe that VbE is one of the best ways to do this.

  • VbE, like P4C, is holistic, child-centred, democratic, reflective, and inclusive.
  • Both P4C and VbE require long term commitment and a whole school approach.
  • Both P4C and VbE can have an impact on behaviour, relationships, well-being and attainment.

I am developing combined P4C and VbE training and resources for schools with Sue Webb. Please contact me to find out more.