Philosophy for Children (P4C)

I have been involved with Philosophy for Children (P4C) since 1991. I am a registered SAPERE P4C trainer in the UK and have international experience of training teachers and presenting at conferences.

P4C is a worldwide movement that was established over forty years ago by Professor Matthew Lipman and is now practised around the world. You can find out more from the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC).

P4C involves cognitive engagement through use of a starting point (a stimulus), such as a piece of text, film or an aesthetic object. Participants create philosophical questions, and enquire into one question guided by the facilitator (teacher). The main feature of the enquiry is a philosophical dialogue in which philosophical language and skills are introduced and modelled by the facilitator.

In P4C we build a ‘Community of Enquiry’. P4C is a regular activity in which the community develops skills and understanding over time. P4C has an impact on well-being, self-esteem, reasoning, oracy and thinking skills.

Nov 2012 logo amendP4C works best as a whole school approach. SAPERE in the UK provides whole school training and an awards programme. I am a registered SAPERE trainer so I can provide the P4C Foundation Level 1 course as well as bespoke sessions, workshops or keynote presentations. Please contact me to find out more.