LL photoWelcome to my website about my love of working with children, teachers and schools across the world on Philosophy for Children (P4C), Values-based Education (VbE), Global Education and Mindfulness.

My journey began in 1985 when I studied philosophy for the first time as a teenager. After an introduction to philosophy, I took a course on ‘Eastern Thought’ in which I was encouraged to try to ‘live’ and ‘practise’ some of the ideas and theories that I read about.

I came across Philosophy for Children in 1991 after watching ‘Socrates for Six Year Olds’, a BBC documentary about Matthew Lipman’s ground breaking programme.

I am most interested in how to teach meaning in philosophy and values-based education so that understanding transforms how we live and how we are.

I believe that the best learning is as much about ‘being’ well as ‘thinking’ well.